Thursday, August 23, 2007


hmm.. quite happie sia.. i got maple family lerhs.. ^^ 1 mammie.. 1 kor kor.. n 1 mei mei..^^ LOLZ>.<.. my mummy 17 yrs old frm jb.. while my kor 16 yrs old frm penang.. lolz.. so happie o.. i lurve dem^^.. dey so nice o.. kekex.. my kor lerh.. like to act cute de.. at 1st i tot he was 12 yrs old or sth de.. mana tahu 16 wor.. lol.. dis sat kor de wedding.. =D.. hmm.. i todae.. broke record ler.. 5.46 oni wan off9.. geng lerh.. last few days was at 4.. lol.. but suddenly today not sleepy wor.. weird.. xD.. k larhx.. must sleep edi.. if not.. kena lectured 99.. i ma cham luu.. k la.. tata..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

iM dEaD

means im dead~!! the old mii is dead~!! my heart is dead~!! lol.. im crapping too much.. no la.. it's juz.. i've give up on somebody ady.. YAY.. swt.. sienz.. haizz.. holiday sux sia.. 1 week nia.. my neck is like killin mii.. k larh.. shall stop ere.. go play maple le.. buhbye..^^

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


omg~!! today exam was so hard~!! especially science paper 2.. paper 1 is still ok ok larhhx.. cuz i tembak whole thing.. hahax.. but paper 2.. shit.. damn hard.. haven study for tmr yet.. sejarah! most sienzz de.. in the evening watch a show damn funny.. is like old old de show larhhx.. at chnl 39.. super model if im not mistaken larhx.. hehe.. den after the show.. got gary cao ge de mv~!! bei pan~!! wah.. watch d den like vry moody like dat o.. like lil bit sad sad gam miong..felt dat the song is vry vry vry vry vry~!! nice~!! n me la.. u guys i duno lo.. hmm.. gtg le.. nid to study~!! yay~!! goin to buy a watch too.. wish dat i could get a guess watch man~!! xD buhbye~!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1st day of PMR trial..

hmm.. today paper was okok lo.. it was geogrfy n bm paper.. bm paper 2 d section was quite hard.. i duno how to do also.. haizz.. y recentky so many things happen?? unwanted things happen?? i juz wish time can return back.. *sigh*.. gtg le.. nid to study.. haizz.. +u+u all..

Monday, July 30, 2007


hmm.. today.. as normal lo.. skiped sch lo.. fought wit my mum.. cuz of sch.. haizz.. sienzz.. everyday my grandma n my mum fight de.. hear till sien larh~!!! sot de lo dey too.. haizz.. forget it la.. hmm.. bia maple half day lo.. 7.30pm till afternoon.. sampat bo?? haizz.. 7 more days.. zzz.. pmr trial.. seifo.. nid to stay back sch oni can study.. so.. dis days cnt on9 jor.. wuwu.. miss u guys de lorhh.. T_T.. mis frenster too.. zzz.. ntg to say liao.. whole day so sienzz.. listen to music lorhhx.. im totally in luv wit gwen stefani's latest song man~!! title is 4 in the morning.. damn nice sia.. lalalala.. lol.. anyone~!! pls give me gwen stefani's concert tickets~!! i wan ~!! wuwu~!! i wish i could go n c her at bukit jalil man~!!.. haizz.. yay.. tmr baskin robbins~!! 31st ma~!! i wan eat~!! whee~!! kakaka... k larhhx.. till ere den.. wan go bkb court le.. so long din go liaos.. sure cnt shoot 3 point liaos.. zzz.. =.=c ya.. xP

Friday, July 27, 2007

im BACK~!! xD

hey all~!!! wassup guyS?? im back to BLOGGING~!! lolzz.. haizz.. but pmr trial is juz around the corner.. *sigh*.. it's like another 11 DAYS~!!! omg~!!! havent study lerh~!!! how how how how???? haizz.. must score gud results lerh.. i don wan my future to b in darkness man~!! but im too lazy to study~!! hw?? god~!! pls help me~!!! if i get gud results lerh.. i can get a new pair of blades for my skates.. yeah~!! n i wish i could get ipod nano too~!!! i wan to continue my skating lessons too~!! haizz.. c.. im craving for so many things man~!! today..
quite sien lo.. bia maple till sien lo.. everyday maple maple maple maple maple.. but now like lil bit sien jor.. jo ling came to my hse juz now.. help her to create an acc. for maple.. my maple still noob larhhx.. wuwu.. somemore add wrongly.. if wan restart over lerh.. vry hard for me larh.. ady chiong to lvl 37 den now wan do new wan meh?? i mm seh tak lerhh.. nvm.. go buy a cash den buy 1 game card can le.. reset whole things.. lolzz.. but is juz wastage of money lo.. but wat to do.. haih.. im also dat type of ppl hu like to watse money de.. xP.. hmm.. todae onwards~!!! must jia you jia you jia you~!!!! wo chiong ar~!!!! xD.. study study study~!!! i noe i can do it~!!! cmon baby~!!!! =.=..lolzz,, a~!!! wo lai le~!!! wo yi ding yao na A~!!!!!!!! to all students out thr.. i also noe u can do it~!! so jyjy to score gud results in pmr @ spm o~!!! all the best to yarhhx,. must study also lo.. hehe.. must alwiz go to sch lerhhx.. u c.. even i hate sch but i still go.. to those hu alwiz ponteng.. don alwiz ponteng larhhx.. study lerh~!! pmr @ spm le~!!! tink bout ur future n ur parents.. takkan u wan to bcum those ta kong zai @ ta kong mui?? don kip on play on9 games.. it's useless.. tsk tsk..[i also one of dem lerhhx..xD] but if wan play,play after sch lo.. at least u go to sch.. in sch concerntrade.. don play.. den after sch den u can do watever lo.. but most important is CONCERNTRATE WEN TEACHER IS TEACHING~!! lolzz.. im like an old lady giving some advice.. wat duhh.. lolzz.. k larhhx.. i gtg le.. tmr got sch.. sobx.. gudnitez.. ^_^

Sunday, July 8, 2007

WOOTS~~!! 2day is INTERSCHOOL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP RALLY!! it is a sch cf's convent,mgs,la salle,andalas!![WOOTS~~!! MY SCH!!XD],raja,kwang hua,dato hamzah n lotz more!! yeah!! ^^v.. woke up around 9.30am.. den go eat bak kut teh.. haizz.. sei lo.. dis week eat 2 times lerh.. but nvm.. i for almost few month nvr eat liao.. lolzz.. den came back around 12pm.. cuz wen to tesco for while.. on9 lo.. play maple lo.. till 5 sth.. get ready to go rally.. woots!! meet up wit mah VAINEST fren,GABY!! at hin hua canteen.. lolzz.. met alot of dem lo.. long time no c lerh.. cuz i ponteng church for few months.. kaka.. x).. we talk n talk lo.. wah.. dat time so hungry lerh.. 3 sth till after the rally din eat at all.. den around 7.30 pm.. dey let go us to the hall.. wah.. everyone vry energetic o.. wen the playing the song all jump shouting.. lolz.. i shouted n now almost no voice liao.. kaka..XD.. dats the way we,the youngster,PRAISE THE GOD!! WOOTS~~!! vry nice le.. especially wit the band!! the band was like so AWESOME!! dey ROX dude!! x).. met quite alot ppl at thr lo.. my ex primary schmates.. my 'didi'.. lolzz.. the skid was vry FUNNY!! lmao!! XD.. shirlynn,cynthia,n some of our group ppl was in the skid.. ps John Beh was thr too.. =).. it overs around 11.. den now reach home ler.. keke.. till ere den.. wan sleep lerh.. tmr?? no la.. later.. lolzz.. now 12 liao ma.. swt..=.=".. must go to church.. or else.. Gaby n others will KILL me!! or DRAG me out frm the hse.. lolzz.. my cousin brother also goin back to taiwan lerr.. hehex.. now not rili got the mood to blog le.. so sometimes oni blog lo.. k la.. gudnitezz.. muax.. god bless all!!